About us

VENTOS COMPRESSORS manufactures a complete range of high pressure & process gas compressors. At our state of the art manufacturing facility in Modena, Italy, we manufacturecomplete compressor packages suitable for hydrogen, oxygen, biogas and other industrial gases.

We offer customised compression solutions to customers; Diaphragm compressors, Non-lubricated/Lubricated piston compressors, Oil-less & oil-free compressors.

We also manufacture small capacity oxygen compressors suitable for filling cylinders from PSA plants and electrolysers.

With our network of service engineers based globally, we provide installation, commissioning and after-sales services at a reasonable cost. Backed up by a 60-year experience in manufacturing compressors and with installations worldwide, Ventos guarantees the best quality for all your compression requirements.



For further details and enquiry contact us at:

Ventos Compressors



CET Engineering srl 06100 Perugia- Italy



+39 - 349 - 2474631